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"Assemble the team. That's not goiter."
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The classic murder mystery game Clue with a diagnostic twist.
Losely based on the tv series House M.D., the 'who' is a patient Known as Mr. D Bilitated.

Has he contracted Kuru from the Congo via cannibalism.
Maybe it's Sepsis from the toilet seat in Vegas, could have been the rusty scalpel though, or Dysentry from the tropical drink in...



       "How come there's so many Lupus cards ? it's never Lupus."
FlyingToaster, Aug 09 2011


       (In fact, the diagnosis is always Munchausen's by proxy. House's dirty little secret.)
mouseposture, Aug 09 2011

       Doh, I feel like such a looser now.   

       HAH! It's working! Soon, we will suffer from lose stools, and then we will loose our sanity!
ye_river_xiv, Aug 10 2011

       are the players allowed to lie, meant to lie or just assumed to be lying ?
po, Aug 10 2011


       +Rapidly developing delirium or dementia (over the course of a few weeks or months)   

       +Blurred vision (sometimes)   

       +Changes in gait (walking)   


       +Lack of coordination (for example, stumbling and falling)   

       +Muscle twitching   

       +Muscle stiffness   

       +Myoclonic jerks or seizures   

       +Nervous, jumpy feelings   

       +Personality changes   

       +Profound confusion, disorientation   


       +Speech impairment   

       And, the diagnosis is...
Klaatu, Aug 10 2011

       ... you've got yourself an account at the HalfBakery.
8th of 7, Aug 10 2011

       hah. sp: halfbakery
po, Aug 10 2011

       Klaatu is suffering from mad cow disease, I believe. I've no idea what the symptoms he is describing relate to though.
DrBob, Aug 11 2011

       [+] I got giardia from ice cubes in St. Thomas! I'm not lying [po]! They are flagellate protozoans!!
xandram, Aug 11 2011

       No lying [po]. Every diagnostician knows something about patient D Bilitated that the others don't. Same as Cluedo.   

       [klaatu] Sounds like a case of Kundalini syndrome, from the stress, in the... triage center.
I don't think you'd want Dr. House treating that one.

       ...if you do find a guy have your people let my people know eh and we'll do lunch.   

       House says that everyone lies ...
po, Aug 11 2011

       Well I suppose that's true.
If every great lie contains the tiniest kernel of truth then conversely, every great truth must contain the tiniest kernel of a lie...

       Who's law is that pretel?
blissmiss, Aug 11 2011

       Sorry [blissmiss] but I've never heard of this Pretel fellow you speak of. I suppose that makes it my own.   


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