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Curriculum Googlae

Ridiculously random résumés
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“Self-googling” or “ego-googling” is the practice of searching for your own name on the web, usually in the hope that your own web pages rank highly in the results. The bane of ego-googlers are others who coincidentally have the same name, thereby polluting their results. Lets turn this bane into a boon.

Using these other search results, collect as much biographical information as you can about your web doppelgangers. Pick and choose the most unusual data you can find. Blend thoroughly and simmer, salt to taste.

The goal is to build an aggregate résumé/CV/biography that is as unusual as possible. Players can compete in various categories:

· Most diverse series of home towns
· Largest number of advanced degrees
· Weirdest series of jobs
· Most different job titles
· Wackiest job change
· Most unusual collection of awards

(Please, comment on the game in the annotations, don’t play it, lest we stray into “list” territory).

krelnik, Oct 01 2003

Googlisms about Amos. http://www.googlism...htm?ism=Amos&type=1
I tried "krelnik". The only phrase it came up with? "krelnik is right". [Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004]


       Would you use your first name, surname or both?   

       There would be an advantage for those of us who share one or more names with corporate entities... + on that basis (or is that bias?)
yamahito, Oct 01 2003

       [yama] I think we'd have to be flexible about that, since some given/surname combinations are so rare you wouldn't get any results other than yourself.   

       (I also considered calling this "Curriculum (Alta) Vistae" but I wonder whether anyone uses it anymore).
krelnik, Oct 01 2003

       [krelnik] Maybe it could be normalised somehow. People with rare (full) names (like, for some reason, me), would be at a disadvantage (disregarding corporate entity overlaps).   

       For some reason, my surname appears in many websites containing Olde Englishe/European Poetry. Would I get points for that?
Detly, Oct 01 2003

       Well, I share the name of a well-known American actor, so I could just merge the two resumes (his being far more interesting than mine)...
Cedar Park, Oct 02 2003

       I did this a while back (not the CV idea - but the googling!) - I think I might be the bookies' favourite to win this game.
<resists temptation to list>...
Jinbish, Oct 02 2003

       Excellent idea. I just checked, and I am 20 years old, 6' 5", weigh 300lb and play rugby for a Californian rugby team.
hippo, Oct 02 2003

       How is this fun?
madradish, Oct 02 2003

       Well I don't think this is fair. I've got a wierd name too. Google says that I am a street in Munich or a bomb group organiser, if I am not me. (The first result in the list was a really crappy website I created 18 months ago against my will and which I thought no longer existed. Strangely satisfying).
squeak, Oct 02 2003

       I'm not proposing ego-googling as an invention, you're right, thats baked. This is an game based on it, focused on the "bad" results. I looked around, and I couldn't find anyone doing this.
krelnik, Oct 02 2003

       umm, what does it mean if my search turns up nothing but lame joke sites and old clown pix?
VuDuBlade, Oct 03 2003

       I looked myself up a while back and found my doppleganger's actual resume! He previously worked as a software developer at 'Meathandler Inc.' I'm apparently the cool one.
imagine002, Apr 13 2004

       Lucky for you, [002]. My doppelgangers are a theatre producer in London, and a DJ. Looks like I'm the uncool one. Here's a thought: it might be possible to work out someone's real name from Googling the info they give in their Curriculuum Googlae. Or would it? Hmm.
spacemoggy, Apr 15 2004


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