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Dark room kissing

The one who kisses the nipple first wins
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The game starts with making the room completely dark and would be enjoyed the most if is played between a girlfriend-boyfriend. Both of you should be fully dressed at the beginning of the game. The game might invlove a lot of running around in the room and the one who finally manages to kiss the nipple of the other wins the game. The winner might be interested in getting a reward at the end... which will be decided by both of you.
goeasyagain, Nov 12 2003


       It's a nice idea, but I'm guessing it's baked by half the world. Suggest that you did it with an entire hockey team, a tub of jelly, and a goat, and it might be a half-way-decent urban legend.
Fishrat, Nov 12 2003

       Why turn the lights out again?
Letsbuildafort, Nov 12 2003

       //making the room completely dark //   

       //a lot of running around in the room//   

       I forsee a large increase in the sales of painkillers and ice packs if this game gets popular.
GenYus, Feb 02 2004

       Obviously you want a room without hard/sharp furnishings for this.   

Grim Fun Scenes, Aug 16 2009

       This, one other idea, no annos, and [goeasyagain] has not been heard from since 2003.   

       I invented dark room chow - comes from a dispenser on the wall, the glow is non-toxic and low enough to not harm your photo processing, and you don't touch it, just mouth it from the feeder. I was, admittedly, doing a LOT of B&W work at the time.
normzone, Aug 17 2009

       Make it a dozen people and so you might end up kissing anybody. Helps if everybody is bisexual.
Xenophile, Jan 03 2019


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