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Clutter Bomb

Yet another camouflage thingy
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This is a bomb that's set off over friendly outposts, dugouts, encampments, or equipment to strew debris, bits of netting, colored plastic, metal shards, streamers, etc. The object, of course, is to mask the identity and location of friendly units, simulating the ruined landscape.
minoradjustments, Sep 19 2023


       I'm not sure how strewing garbage hides one's location.
Voice, Sep 19 2023

       To make it look like it's already been bombed?   

       "Oh, that one was already hit. Let's not waste another bomb on it."   

       BUT! This tactic will fail if whoever is directing ordnance has kids. Kid's rooms always look like a bomb went off anyhow, so this clutter bomb won't fool any parents.
a1, Sep 19 2023

       [Voice] Very obvious in cinematic expositions. Have you seen what Avdiivka looks like? Any regular shape or right angle that doesn't belong to a ruined building is suspected of being an enemy location. When the Russians leave a position deliberately and in good order it looks like a bomb hit it anyway. If it's too neat it will be suspected of being a Ukrainian hideout.
minoradjustments, Sep 19 2023

       Baked by small children and teens everywhere since time immemorial.   

       It's how they get their rooms back to the way they like it in under five seconds after mother 'tidied' it for them.   

       Skewed Co. has had several subjects in interr .. umm.. aiding our research efforts, for several years now, unfortunately we've as yet been unable to successfully identify and replicate the clearly highly advanced delivery mechanism employed.   

       But any day now they tell me, got a new batch of pentothal due in next week.
Skewed, Sep 24 2023


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