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Chain matrix

Bullet proof chainmail
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Bullet proof material requires the momentum of bullet to be completely transferred/absorbed to the material in the shortest possible distance. A typical bullet proof material has an amount of ‘give’, allowing the bullet to penetrate though some of the material as a way of absorbing the energy.

Chainmail has been tried as a bullet proof material, but the results were unsatisfactory because the rings would fragment. This is probably because the rings in chainmail don’t have enough ‘give’. So I’ve added some ‘give’ to chainmail and made it 3 dimensional to increase the bullet stopping distance.

The (brass coloured) rings are connected with (off-pink colour) rubber bands as shown in linked pictures (chainmail_3d_suspension 1 and 2).

The chain matrix could be used as an interior lining to military vehicles, or as a semi-transparent mesh to cover windows.

xaviergisz, Dec 05 2005

image 1 (fixed) https://i.imgur.com/yAGhKzF.jpg
[xaviergisz, Apr 22 2020]

image 2 (fixed) https://i.imgur.com/OeVFpRr.jpg
[xaviergisz, Apr 22 2020]


       So, do some market research and report back.
DrCurry, Dec 05 2005

       Exellent idea, truly excellent. A very simple idea, with a high probability of actually working. I guess that extensive testing may be required to refine and prove the effectivness of this product, but that is beyond the scope of the half-bakery. [+]
Minimal, Dec 07 2005

       Incorporate *lots* of impact resistant rubber gel threads into the chainmail and the projectiles could ricochet off in different directions.
skinflaps, Dec 07 2005

       no chance of the bullet going in dragging the mail with it? happened alot in medieval time causing all sorts of mischief.
Yosarian, Dec 07 2005

       just for the idea of making chain mail rings in a 3d matrix, i voted for this idea but i think metal would be too heavy   

       there is a controversial armor called dragon skin that updated another old armor type - scale armor. Instead of scales of steel, it uses larger discs of composite/ceramic material over kevlar. much more flexible and much more coverage than the old level 4 bulletproof vests who use a big slab of ceramic/composite called a trauma plate (they copied plate armor).
vmaldia, Oct 15 2006

notexactly, Aug 31 2019

       Ah yes, the image hosting website is defunct. I'll redraw and post on Imgur tonight.
xaviergisz, Aug 31 2019

       The pictures are lovely. I'm not sure I'd allow myself to get shot while wearing it though.
wagster, Apr 18 2020

       The pictures are lovely. I'm not sure I'd allow myself to get shot while wearing it though.
wagster, Apr 18 2020

       Hmmm. Depleted Uranium penetrators would probably "spatter" through an open structure like that ... and it wouldn't stop flechettes, either.
8th of 7, Apr 18 2020

       Yeah, with scale and energies, my gut would say multiple layers are needed and [skinflaps] density, strength weave just to be sure.   

       it's a fine line between bending out of the way and vectoring the caught energy.
wjt, Apr 22 2020

       The rubber bands don't seem to be doing anything, because any impact is still pulling the metal rings against each other? i.e. the metal rings will still break before the rubber bands are tensioned.
pocmloc, Apr 22 2020

       You're absolutely right, pocmloc. I have fixed the images so the rings are not directly connected and instead connected via the rubber bands.
xaviergisz, Apr 22 2020

       OK but now it is only as strong as the rubber bands. At which point you could make the entire bulletproof armour out of rubber bands and save the cost and weight of the metal rings.
pocmloc, Apr 22 2020

       Thinking of the Toucan beak and multipart materials, I am coming round. But maybe the rings, after some energy absorption stretching the rubbers, do touch and take the rest of the strain.
wjt, Apr 23 2020


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