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Bzzzzzzzzt! Take that ya little wannabe Cassanova!
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Well it's almost about the time that every dad dreads.
Blossoming currious daughter + hopeful horny freinds that are boys = male pattern baldness accelerator/ longevity reducer.

The Chastitaser guarantees de-flowering postponement until the right and propper age of thirty five...as it should be.


I can feel my folicles strengthening as we speak.


       You'll have to make an example out of one of them, to learn a lesson to the rest of 'em.
rcarty, Sep 03 2010

       Couldntcha just hook one of them chastity belts up to a car battery for the same effect?
DrWorm, Sep 03 2010

       Durn tootin [rcarty].
[DrW] Then she couldn't carry her books in the back-pack as well. I think I'll use the capacitor from a disposable camera for the prototype. That way the battery could be incorporated into the device and impossible to disconnect.



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