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Co-branding with a real bakery

Halfwitticisms on your warm croissant
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Today I was in the store looking through the baked goods section, and I came across the croissants. I was reminded, of course, of this site, and was vaguely disappointed that no one else in the store would likely have this experience.

If the Halfbakery were to somehow partner with a real-life bakery, it could get its URL in the hands of hundreds or even thousands of hungry people. The bakery could perhaps increase its sales by including some interesting reading on the packaging. Far from being the inane fare on the back of cereal boxes intended to enrapture young children, the most interesting or thought-provoking ideas from the Halfbakery could be featured. Perhaps someone might actually be interested in baking the featured idea, find others of interest on the site, or add new ideas of their own.

A small share of the profits might even help maintain the site, or it could be just for fun.

beland, Nov 12 2003


       The fact that relitivaly few people know about this site is one of the reasons I like it.
dbmag9, Oct 22 2005

       A cautionary note: local Starbucks stores tend to hand over their day-old baked goods to shelters so homeless people can have pastries with breakfast. This way lies Starbucky perdition?
Dood, May 25 2006


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