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Codephrase helps stop prison rape

Listen for a code phrase and send guards to it
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Technology has progressed to a point that AI can recognize certain words through large amounts of noise. Some words are easier than others.

Imagine appliances installed in various parts of a prison that do nothing but listen for a certain phrase, for example "help me help me help me" and sound a location-specific alarm when heard.

Guards would not have the excuse that they were elsewhere when a rape/murder/whatever occurred if a record of instances of the code phrase being spoken were kept. Maybe once or twice a guard could be legitimately be elsewhere but more than that would be obvious malfeasance.

Yes it's possible to gag someone but it's really hard to do before they manage to blurt out "help me" three times.

New inmates should be taught to use this phrase whenever someone is about to attack them. Guards should be required to respond to the alarm immediately. Misuse by inmates should be punished.

Editorial: Prison rape is horrible and wrong and no civilized society should tolerate it and those who think they approve need a hard slap.

Voice, Jul 04 2011


       My impression is that the perceived threat of prison rape is maintained as a major part of the idea of prison as a deterrent, so i doubt anything like this would ever happen.
nineteenthly, Jul 04 2011

       "...is that a digging utensil in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?..."
Grogster, Jul 04 2011

       I have been biologizing all evening, and now whenever I look at the word "codephrase" it looks like the name of an enzyme that breaks down codephs.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 04 2011

       Perhaps they should stop playing re-runs of "Everybody Loves Raymond" for the inmates... and, lest I forget, bun [+].
Grogster, Jul 04 2011

       I really think prisons are organised in the way they are, perhaps allowed to be corrupt, precisely because it serves some people's value systems - not mine - that they deter people. I also disagree with that view but i think the idea of reforming prison is unrealistic. You reform the penal system by finding ways of keeping people out of prison but prisons are probably not going to be reformed because they would then be perceived not to work. I suspect it's politically unfeasible.
nineteenthly, Jul 05 2011

       //prisons are probably not going to be reformed because they would then be perceived not to work// You are probably disturbingly close to the mark, [nineteenthly]. Similarly, many innocent people do not have their wrongful convictions investigated or publicised, to avoid shedding light on ways in which the justice system is flawed.   

       Or, if it don't appear to be broke, don't be seen to fix it.
spidermother, Jul 05 2011

       [Spidermother], very much chimes with my concern about the erosion of the concept of presumed innocence, but that's probably not for this place.
nineteenthly, Jul 05 2011

       My chimes chime with your chimes.
spidermother, Jul 05 2011

       I think most cases of prison rape are conducted with threat of death or serious injury. Hollering for help has always been an option, this idea solves nothing.
rcarty, Jul 05 2011

       Anyone else read this as; Codpiece helps stop prison rape?   

Carry on then.

       Chastity belts for all?
nineteenthly, Jul 05 2011

       Personally, I think I could finish before the gaurds showed up... And you can fight it all you want, [21], it just turns me on even more.
MikeD, Jul 05 2011

       [rcarty] there has never been an alarm in prisons that record the time of the cry for help and leave guards no excuse to not answer it immediately.
Voice, Jul 07 2011

       (twofries), I was just going to post that after resisting for days. Glad I'm not the only one.   

       I see that [21] and [MikeD] are at it again. Is it an Air Force / Army thing? The recent DADT rulings bring so many surprises ;-)
normzone, Jul 07 2011

       [Voice], this idea simply does not fully consider the reality of imprisonment. When does the victim cry foul? When they suspect they are about to be raped? Once they have been completely dominated and are being raped? After the rape event has occurred? Sociological studies of prisons, as well as common knowledge, reveals that informants in prisons are subject to very severe negative sanctions from other inmates. The first rule that inmates learn is not to snitch. If they cry foul before being raped, even during the process of getting pantsed, and that stops the perpetrator then no offence has really been committed and the perpetrator will go free to sharpen his shank. Think about how difficult it would be to call out for help while you're being raped if you're simultaneously being choked by someone who does nothing but push-ups all day. Then maybe after the rape is a good time to call out for help? Is the guard going to inspect the victims anus and track down the suspect based on probable penis girth based on amount of distention? No, probably not.
rcarty, Jul 07 2011


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