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Coffee Shells

Resembling shotgun shells.
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The idea is to standardize the amount of water that needs to pass over coffee grounds in order to create a cup or pot of coffee. The usual way is to pour the "usual" amount of coffee into the filter and add some water. This results in the wasting of a large amount of coffee grounds. My idea is to sell coffee in shotgun shells. The casing is the filter and the top of the shell is open to allow water to pass down through the shell. Coffee makers would have a revolver like device that you can load different types of coffee shells into. Or you could fill the whole revolver with your favorite coffee. The coffee maker itself would be programmed to know just how much water can be used to succesfully use up all the coffee grounds so none are wasted. Since the amount of coffee grounds is fixed a certain water value can be placed on different coffee shells.

Coffee shells could be left in the coffee maker until all the coffee grounds are used. A lcd screen readout would tell the user how much more coffee can be made and when it is neccessary to change out the shells.

All the user has to do is keep the coffee maker supplied with water, press a button and the revolver rotates to brew the perfect cup of his or her favorite coffee.

Antegrity, Mar 27 2006

Philips Senseo http://www.senseo.c...ontent/default.html
[coprocephalous, Mar 30 2006]

Nespresso http://www.nespress..._HD_RO_2_uk_en.html
Automatic insertion and ejection [coprocephalous, Mar 30 2006]


       Already baked. Coffee service vendors offer single serve machines that have little plastic "bullets" that are slightly bigger than the half & half containers. They come in various flavors, varities, etc and it contains its own filter.
Jscotty, Mar 28 2006

       Ok these are shells and have no plastic on them. The coffee maker is fully automated automatically determining the amount of water needed to fully use the grounds. Its a multi-part idea.
Antegrity, Mar 28 2006

       At my workplace we had a coffee machine that would make individual servings of a variety of different coffees, teas, hot chocolate, etc., each serving delivered in a plastic pouch. Instead of portioning the amount of water used, the contents of each pouch was adjusted to make one cup of beverage. Same idea, really.
xrayTed, Mar 28 2006

       Different Idea really.
Antegrity, Mar 30 2006

       No idea, really.
Texticle, Mar 30 2006

methinksnot, Mar 30 2006

       Actually, the way you describe the idea, it is baked. The only uniqueness you can claim is the idea of packing the coffee into "shells". If, as you claim, your idea is to "standardize the amount of water that needs to pass over coffee grounds in order to create a cup or pot of coffee", this has been done before in numerous different ways. In general, the intent of the industry has been to create a larger available variety of different drinks, i.e. a variety of different packages.   

       Perhaps your idea could center around an idea like "blast o' caffeine", or "caffeine roulette", where one in six coffees would contain an espresso, and the other five would contain just hot water (you could still make a soothing herbal tea.)
xrayTed, Mar 30 2006

       //My idea is to sell coffee in shotgun shells// But there'll be a nasty taste of gun-cotton, and gritty shot, not to mention the wadding. Not sure the lead and antimony will do your digestive system any good.
coprocephalous, Mar 30 2006


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