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Coffee taps

Hot coffee without the wait
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I'm developing the third tap to go at the kitchen sink - coffee. Simply place mug under tap, turn tap on and fill mug with coffee. Possibility of having two extra taps - one for hot coffee, one for iced (although ice doesn't come out of taps too easily). Although a good idea, the amount of spin-offs may well mean me having to develop a bigger sink area to take all possible alternatives.
PotatoPete, Mar 31 2001


       I see this leading to an exponential increase in taps to provide all varieties of soup, tea, stock, gravy, etc. Your kitchen worktop will end up being full of taps.
hippo, Mar 31 2021

       Excellent! And a fine addition to the workshop as well. I'll mount it where I keep the taps.
whatrock, Mar 31 2021

       //without the wait//
pocmloc, Mar 31 2021

       This made me sad, for just a moment. Thinking of someone swearing off coffee, and playing "Taps" on an invisible trumpet whilst tossing their mug into the garbage.   

       But only for a moment. Then I thought, stupid dodo, you gonna regret this in the morning!
blissmiss, Apr 01 2021


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