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Coffee Thermos with a Digital Clock

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I was drinking coffee from my thermos today and went to look at the time on my watch. Lo and behold, there's now a nice large coffee stain near my crotch area.

I've done this about three times in the lifetime of this thermos and I assume it's happened to other people.

I propose the (very simple) coffee thermos with a digital watch on it.

The display will be large on top so you don't miss it.

goodmars, Jun 21 2010

Indoors Version Cuppa_20Clock
[FlyingToaster, Jun 21 2010]


       Simple, elegant, useful. I don't drink coffee, but I've done that with soda cans. [+]
gisho, Jun 21 2010

       @21Quest -- true, I could develop a new habit. Or I could buy a 0.50$ digital clock and tape it to my thermos ...
goodmars, Jun 21 2010

       This sounds like it would look kinda like a bomb or WMD. [+]
jaksplat, Jun 21 2010

       //I assume it's happened to other people.//   


       Just pray to god nobody telephones you while you're ironing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 21 2010

       @jaksplat I guess the digital clock would be flush against the top of the thermos. dunno if that still rings bomb to you ... but I suppose we would sell bright thermoses with flowers and butterflies on them to dispel any implications towards terrorism
goodmars, Jun 21 2010

       Just don't bring it to the airport or leave it on a bus.
jaksplat, Jun 21 2010

       When I wore a wristwatch, I'd reflexively pronate my wrist every time I thought "What time is it?" It was a reflex -- not like I paused and asked myself "Do I have another, better way to check the time, at the moment?"   

       If I were using your digital clock thermos, I'd have poured coffee in my lap, and felt doubly foolish.   

       So: 1) clever 2) simple 3) elegant 4) useful, but 5) I think it wouldn't work. Sorry.
mouseposture, Jun 21 2010

       There should be a Wile E Coyote award for people like you [goodmars], you know, like the Darwin award except you didn't die.
zeno, Jun 22 2010

       //Just pray to god nobody telephones you while you're ironing.//

Just pray to god you don't suddenly suffer from a nasty itch in the groinal area while using your hammer drill to do a spot of DIY.
hippo, Jun 22 2010

       ok, i'm switching to caffeine pills.
goodmars, Jun 22 2010

       here's a clue..the problem is not with the thermos
simonj, Jun 23 2010

       Around here possession of such a thermos would be grounds for the police to shoot you in the head seven times.
Loris, Jun 23 2010

       You will probably have to install the clock in the bottom of the thermos to prevent any disturbance to the aerodynamic qualities of the container. Granted, you will still end up with coffee in your lap, but you will certainly know what time it is without having to look at your wristwatch. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs... [+]
Grogster, Jun 24 2010


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