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Klein Bottle Thermos Flask

Heat life-or-death
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A Klein Bottle in which the surface is a double wall of silvered glass enclosing a vacuum.

Keeps the Universe from getting hotter or colder, depending on the starting temperature.

Note: If taken outside the Universe, may have unpredictable consequences

8th of 7, Oct 03 2012


       But the amount of cold stuff in the universe is vastly more than the amount of hot stuff, so the average temperature of the universe must be close to the 3°K background radiation. There's a risk then, that as soon as you make this object you'll freeze to death.
hippo, Oct 03 2012

       He who violates the law of thermodynamics puts the Universe under arrest.   

       Which I assume, given that this is a Borg idea, is the whole idea.
Alterother, Oct 03 2012

       //Keeps the Universe from getting hotter or colder//   

       On average, it's already not.
ytk, Oct 03 2012

       //Suspect some obscure attempt//   

       Don't just sit there - blame someone!
lurch, Oct 04 2012

       //a double wall of silvered glass enclosing a vacuum//   

       How about putting the vacuum on the outside of the silvered glass wall, and the universe on the inside?
pocmloc, Oct 04 2012

       You mean just how it is at the moment?
8th of 7, Oct 04 2012


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