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Thermos PreWarmer Addition

For those who make our coffee to go, this would save 5 minutes or more in the morning normally spent warming the thermos prior to filling it.
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A coffee maker with a secondary reservoir, hotplate, and shower, which fills one's Thermos with clean hot water while the coffee brews, so all you have to do is dump the water out of the Thermos (right back into the reservoir if you're concerned with waste), then pour the coffee right into the prewarmed Thermos once it's done brewing.
21 Quest, Dec 25 2010

Electrically-heated vacuum flasks http://www.alibaba....flask-electric.html
Baked [8th of 7, Dec 26 2010]


       If it's one of those all-steel flasks, wrapping a heater tape around the inner container could be engineered, with an induction pickup in the base - hence no feedthroughs or connectors, and dishwasher safe. It would only need to be 20W or so.



       Lots to choose from. All you have to do is pay the money. Or maybe a friend might buy you one? Oh, wait ....
8th of 7, Dec 26 2010

       Those use a completely different mechanism, 8th. However, I can understand if, to the untrained, uneducated eye of a great bore (darn that spellchecker) such as yourself, all technology which performs a similar, yet totally different, function would be considered redundant.
21 Quest, Dec 26 2010

       Freedom is irrelevant, self determination is irrelevant, you must comply.

       Yes, different mechanism, same result. D'oh ....

       A quick way to warm such a container would be to insert a small thermite cartridge and initiate it. Obviously, it would have a good chance of melting its way right through the container, and the subsequent contents would taste disgusting amd might even be mildly toxic, but then, you can't have everything.
8th of 7, Dec 26 2010

       How very 5000 years B.C.E. ....
8th of 7, Dec 26 2010

       Well if the flask fits...
21 Quest, Dec 26 2010

       I want one for my espresso machine. You're supposed to run hot water through the filter before pulling a shot but I'm always too lazy. Does my shot quality suffer?
DIYMatt, Dec 27 2010

       what the post describes is simply a coffeemaker with two burners, but what you want is a coffee-machine with an auxiliary hot-water tap. Definitely baked on large plumbed models; possibly baked on smaller models.
FlyingToaster, Dec 28 2010

       Take your trolling elsewhere, Loris. FT, what I want is a coffee maker with 2 burners, an auxiliary hot water tap, and the ability to run them at the same time, so I can set the timer on it and wake up in the morning to brewed coffee and a warm Thermos. (Note: I've always used the word thermos as a general term for a vacuum flask, but this irritating auto spell correct on my tablet keeps capping it).
21 Quest, Dec 28 2010

       See, now you're asking your Coffee maker to pour hot water into your thermos, swirl it around, tip it out, immediately fill it with coffee and then seal the thermos. The job of a large complex machine.

       Might I suggest that you could use the steam attachment on most coffee makers (the frother) to pre-heat the bottle immediately before pouring the coffee in. Contamination of the condensed steam into the eventual coffee would be minimal, I'd say you'd only need say 5grams of steam (ends up as 5ml, or a teaspoon volume) to adequately pre-heat the thermos. You wouldn't notice that, no need to tip it out.

       More thermally efficient than wasting a large volume of heated water as well, and doesn't require any additional hardware above that of most coffee makers. Except for the putting-the-lid-on bit, that's probably the job of a monkey controlled clockwork robot arm or something.
Custardguts, Dec 28 2010

       Trolling? A polite request to hold yourself to the same standards you're asking of others, I'd say.


       Regarding the idea, Custardguts' suggestion of using steam sounds like a good alternative method - because you're capturing the latent heat of vaporisation, you could get the interior of the thermos up to temperature directly. Potentially quite a scalding hazard - though if your coffee-maker already has a steam tap it's so expedient it would be very tempting.
Loris, Dec 29 2010

       Read the subtitle again. It's about time efficiency, not thermal efficiency.
21 Quest, Dec 29 2010

       If you're gonna claim it's redundant or Baked, a link would be a nice piece of supporting evidence. And I didn't know which you were referring to. My comment was aimed at both yours and CG's.
21 Quest, Dec 29 2010

       What have I said that was trollish?
21 Quest, Dec 29 2010

       How nice. Delete your annos to make me look like an idiot. Thanks, bigsleep.

       (note to any reading this: each of my last 3 annos were preceded by comments from Bigsleep, who has self-deleted them without explanation)
21 Quest, Dec 29 2010

       [21] - The way I see it, my suggestion was both quicker and more thermally efficient.
Custardguts, Dec 30 2010


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