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Coin Collecting Couch

Gives new meaning to the term "Armchair Quarterback"
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The idea is simple: A couch that not only collects all your pocket change (this is done automatically by all existing sofas), but rolls is up and dispenses it back to you once it's collected. Or, you could opt for the clear bottomed piggy bank model, that requires you to destroy your sofa when you feel like getting a slurpee...

Now, if I could just get it to spit the remote control back out when it gobbles it up...

Mr Burns, Jun 26 2002

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       Nice idea, maybe have a slanted tray underneath whatever the cushions sit on, that collects the change and drops it down into a little collection well at one end, would also accomodate your remote control problem.
kaz, Jun 26 2002

       So much better than having to give it a good shake when it's time to fill up the gas tank again..
Mr Burns, Jun 26 2002

       I've got this great idea!   

       No, it's almost eight years old.   

nomocrow, May 23 2010


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