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Cold Potato

Game of Throws
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Instead of tossing around a potato that is too warm to handle, throw around one at cryogenic temperatures. Last one to get frostbite wins.
kevinthenerd, Oct 18 2017


       Surely 2nd thermo will thaw the spud before frostbite gets anybody. I mean, the thermal mass (if that's the right term) of one 100g potato is about one seven-hundredth that of a human. At most 293 degrees of warming will bring the potato to room temperature. This process will lower the human's temperature by one seven-hundredth of 293 degrees, so, less than three centigrade - and that's assuming only one player, no additional heat from the human metabolism during play, and no ambient warming of the potato.   

       I suppose frostbite's only chance would be to lower the temperature of a handful of blood by forty degrees in less time than it takes the heart to replace it with a different handful.
pertinax, Oct 19 2017

       For throwing/juggling a hot potato, you could keep it hot by blasting it with a beam of microwave radiation while it's in the air. Thus, every time you catch it, it'll be slightly hotter than when you threw it.
hippo, Oct 19 2017

       You can certainly get localized frostbite by handling things straight out of a -80°C freezer without gloves for too long.   

       However, plastics aren't a much of a danger (their thermal mass and thermal conductivity are too low). It's mainly glass and, particularly, metal that will cold-burn you.   

       A very cold potato might give you problems if you held it for too long, since it's mostly ice (fairly high heat capacity, fairly high thermal conductivity).
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 19 2017


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