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colorball drawing-board

5-colored (rgb b/w) ball bearings sit in small niches. fingers draw on the board.
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As you pass your fingers or hand over the board, each ball turns to show a different color.

If the board itself is transparent the other side would be some "mirror image" all the more interesting.

Comes with a magnifying glass, so you correct the drawing "pixel by pixel".

If each ball has a ridge on it, allowing it only to move in three directions and stopped when reaching a certain angle then the angle you draw at will set the color.

Another option is to have the balls heavier on one color so that shaking the box (which should make for a nice sound too) will "clear" the last image.

Of course the more expensive models will have a "send image to smartphone" so that your genius kid's work is saved forever.

pashute, Jun 16 2014

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US3036388 http://www.google.c...u/patents/US3036388
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       Can you explain the geometry that allows only the blue, red, green, black or white halves of a sphere to be visible?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 16 2014

       If each ball is held in a plastic dimple, a lens could show many colors. Say 6 or 8 colors depending on the optic design. The working side would show several colors, but the viewing side would show the color unseen. If only black and white, the working side would be a b/w negative of the viewing side.   

       An 8 by 8 array (say 64 .25" dia balls) would make an interesting cheap toy. If drop kicked, there would be little multicolored balls all over the place.
popbottle, Jun 17 2014

       the geometry is a sphere. The topology is that of a cube.
pashute, Jun 17 2014

       The problem with this as playground equipment is that some cerebral 6 year old would spend a half hour making an image, and then her 3 year old brother would rub it strenously from the other side.
bungston, Jun 17 2014


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