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Cold Stove

Put your favorite beverage in a pot or kettle and quickly cool it down.
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Kitchens have 2 boxes or containers- One that heats food (which is the oven) and one that chills food (which is the refrigerator) but the stove and/or cooktop needs a companion as well. Being that its an open burner type of device, why not have a open cooler type of device.

The Cold Stove will have jets that release CO2 or some other gas that produces sub freezing temperatures under a pot or kettle. So rather than heating something up, you cool it down rather quicky. If you have a soda that you want to cool down in 10 seconds, just put it on the cold stove and enjoy your cold beverage. If you need some ice in a hurry, just put a pot of water on the cold stove, and 3 minutes later get your ice pick out and start chipping away.

As this appliance appears in more homes, CO2 will be another public utility or perhaps every household can have a CO2 compressor that extracts it from the air and compresses it into a liquid.

Jscotty, Sep 12 2005

General Chemistry I - Gases - Chapter 5 http://academic.wsc...gases/Gc_chap10.htm
[Dub, Sep 12 2005]


       an oven isn't exactly the equivalent of a fridge. a cupboard is probably the fridge's equivalent. this is because an oven isn't used to store food. Just as a fridge isn't used to prepare food - save, some things that require chilling. that said your idea would work better as a "cold oven". an enclosed space such as this would be much more effective in cooling as it would slow the escape of cold gas and conduction of heat. all this said, it would be best implemented as a feature in the already existing cold box know as a freezer or fridge. The fridge freon compressor should suffice in the compression of carbon dioxide or air.
schmendrick, Sep 12 2005

       For heaven's sake, don't let Green Peace read this!   

       Why not take advantage of everyone's favorite gas equation: PV = RT? - Simply hop into your local decompression chamber and drink your beverage (or whatever!) at -60 atmospheres ?   

       Ideal Gas Law. (see link) PV = nRT P is pressure in atm V is volume in liters n is moles R = 0.082057 L atm/mole K T = temperature in kelvins
Dub, Sep 12 2005


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