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Fifth Wheel Refrigerator

Yee-haw, keep dem beers cool!
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Just imagine this simple concept: a refrigerator (mini or full sized) that can be expanded outward about a foot+ (meter?) at each side for added storage, or left compact when space is tight. Comes with posts for support.

Also, just fer laughs, it might be fun to have one that looks and behaves like an RV. Maybe it could have wheels and function as a cooler too...

Side note: double wide and fifth wheel refrigerators are very similar to each other. The double wide is the permanently installed full-sizer; the fifth wheel fridge is more temporary and movable; it goes on wheels. Named changed for accuracy.

polartomato, Aug 01 2002


       Looks and behaves like and RV? So I can drive this thing around town? I think we may open up that "suitcase bike" can o' worms again.
barnzenen, Aug 01 2002

       Oh great, now the flocking road cones are all smashed
thumbwax, Aug 03 2002

       A new addition to "People who look like their cars" that I can relate to. Awesome!
reensure, Aug 03 2002


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