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Cylindrical Spinnable Fridge

360 degree access
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Large families require large refrigerators and it gets to be a pain when the item you need is all the way in the back of the fridge/freezer. You have to excavate until you get it and then shovel everything back in, then repeat the process when returning the item. Stuff gets knocked over and disarranged.

There was a similar idea in the HB in 2000 from [rayfo] where a lazy susan sat inside [link]. A spinnable cylindrical fridge would provide near-360 degree access. Mount it in a corner on a sturdy pad on the floor attached via ball bearings to the underside of the box with a small motor to spin the thing. Power would come in through the bottom. The coils could be arrayed on the bottom with the bearings or on the top under a dust mesh.

This fridge would have a door on either side with storage on each door. Each door would have a button to rotate the appliance 180. Shelves would attach to the walls between the doors and have lips to keep stuff from working back against a door. The freezer could be top or bottom. A vertical clear tube running up the axis would house a string of LED lights.

Now everything is accessible. Your food doesn’t get shoved into your roomie’s food and you can always access the ice cream without unloading the entire box.

whatrock, Jan 21 2016

Similar idea A_20round_20fridge_2e
here we spin the inside [whatrock, Jan 21 2016]

Kind of baked - in 1948 http://www.gadgetsp...f-refrigerator.html
[hippo, Jan 21 2016]


       "I have too much fresh, immediately available food and I can't reach it all easily"... I wonder how far back you would have to go to see people shocked at this problem. For the idea, [+]
Voice, Jan 21 2016

       //via ball bearings to the underside of the box with a small motor to spin the thing.   

       Hmm, yet another effort to do centrifugal enrichment on the sly. You are the Iranian government and I claim my 5 Rials.   

       On the other hand, if you were to put smallish metal plates on each food item, and two fishing poles with magnets on the line, you have a passable game to keep children entertained.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 21 2016

       [hippo], your link looks like a baking of the other idea that [whatrock] linked to, not this one.
notexactly, Jan 21 2016


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