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Cold belt

Reduce the ill effects of motion sickness
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Having suffered motion sickness all my life, I've figured a few useful ways to, firstly, avoid it - but failing that, reduce the effects.
I find that most non chemical methods of treatment do nothing, the band which puts pressure on the p6 area of the wrist is entirely useless, and sucking a boiled sweet can occasionally bring down the symptoms, but I suspect mainly due to a placebo effect. The one thing I have found to work is bringing down my temperature in localised areas (That is, opening a window in the car rarely helps, but holding my hand out of the window, then placing it on my forehead or stomach can be quite useful).
Thus I propose the cold belt - the band fits around the waist, and has a large buckle area which houses the cooling element. This could consist of chemicals which undergo an endothermic reaction, but since I can't say for sure what chemicals would be used to do this and still be re-usable, I suggest that the front of the belt be filled with water.
The rigid frame at the front will cover the stomach with its largest surface area and cool down the wearer. The belt would be available as a headband too, covering and cooling the forehead - to be worn when needed, as the symptoms begin to appear, or as a precautionary measure as the journey is begun.
fridge duck, Feb 13 2006


       [fridge duck], I assume you don't drive, yet? The best way to avoid motion sickness is to be the driver. I don't know why that should be, but it seems to work.
Ling, Feb 13 2006

       I believe the cold belt would probably work. My understanding of motion sickness is that in involves inputs from the inner ear to the mysterious "reticular system". All the senses input to this system, and "dilution is the solution to pollution" - by increasing the non-nauseating contributions from other senses those from the inner ear are reduced in importance.... somehow.   

       I have read this as an explanation for why rides at the fair have such loud music - no doubt empirically, the proprietors found that they cleaned up less barf if there was very loud music. Zorba the Greek sniffed a lemon during a boat ride: same principle. Thus, I suspect your cold belt would work.
bungston, Feb 13 2006


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