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Gads! Gauge

A reality check gauge for people who say, "Gads, it is hot/cold in here!"
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This temperature gauge is a digital readout pin or pendant which would facilitate reality checking for people who have internal temperature fluxuations. For example, women experiencing hot flashes.

Need: How many times have you been in a personal or business situation where one of the people in the room says, "Gads, it is hot/cold in here!" and they get up and turn up the heat or the air conditioning. They believe that the environment needs changing for everyone. But, in reality, a change is needed for that person alone.

Remedy: Now comes the "Gads! Gauge" that everyone can wear that gauges their need to seek an environmental change by themselves. For example, menopausal women can put their head in the freezer for awhile.

Disclaimer: While wearing this gauge would validate a person's reality, it is not advised that this instrument be given as a gift unless it is given with a "duck-and-cover" advisory to those in the same room with the recipient.

However, this is a wonderful addition that supplements a personal handheld fan or a bulky sweater.

Asta, Feb 01 2004


       shut that door, born in a barn?
po, Feb 01 2004


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