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“Flapping and wet, you’ll forget heat and sweat.”
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Is the mercury hitting new highs in the stifling, summer air? You’ll stay cool as a cucumber in a pickle jar wearing ear-conditioning, the hot, new, portable face-froster. The wearable unit, resting on the nape of your neck and hooked onto each ear, is less noticeable than a neck brace and features a reservoir for water, a petite piston behind each ear and a wee gutter under each lobe.

By dribbling rivulets of water down both sides of each ear while quivering the same, it lets evaporation do the rest to refrigerate your head extremities and neck, cooling your body all the way down to those sweltering toes. Order one today in popular hair and skin colors or ice cream pastels. Only our brand includes ear canal extenders for dry, unhindered hearing and high vibration rate ear-waggling to mask their movement.

FarmerJohn, May 16 2004

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       Just one problem... If you're wet, even the sweltering summer weather, your body temperature can still drop to dangerously low levels, and you'll still feel hot, especially if you're excercising or working in the yard.
kranedawg, May 16 2004

       "Halfbaked man found dead in yard. 'I warned him about wetting his ears,' said neighbor."
FarmerJohn, May 16 2004

       Won't work around here where the summer humidity frequently reaches 95%.
phoenix, May 16 2004

       Then that can't be Arizona, phoenix.
FarmerJohn, May 16 2004


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