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Collectible bread tags

Occlupanid philatelism for the casual panivore
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Bread tags, also known as occlupanids to the discerning collector, come in a vast array of designs and colour that typically depend on locale. I love asking friends to bring back bread tags from exotic adventures because who doesn't love a good excuse to buy a loaf of bread? I also keep a small jar on my window sill that collects the weekly tag, which at my local grocery are colour-coded to days of the week and have the date printed on them (Toxodentidae Palpatophora glyphodorsali, in case you were wondering). I completed the set of seven in under a month and am now wishing there were more to discover without travelling abroad. Bread sales could be increased if even more variety were added to the tags, much like quarters or stamps. They could be printed with fun set designs like all twelve grains or two-tone colour swirls to make each one different. Perhaps if one collected all the tags in a series they could be traded in for a free loaf?
mace, Aug 09 2021

Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group https://www.horg.com/horg/
The leading research centre for the cataloging and taxonomy of occlupanid [mace, Aug 09 2021]

Bread Tag Bonanza https://www.coinboo...ylum_v20n21a28.html
[a1, Aug 09 2021]

KwikLok https://www.kwiklok.com/contact/
These folks can make it happen - if they haven't already [a1, Aug 09 2021]


       Don’t let anyone tell you the Halfbakery’s not educational
hippo, Aug 09 2021

       Ask KwikLok if anyone has ever suggested or implemented custom designed bread tags for collectors.
a1, Aug 09 2021

       well, i guess people will collect anything, so might as well make them artistic +
xandram, Aug 09 2021

FlyingToaster, Aug 10 2021

       A hobby for collectors without a lot of dough.
AusCan531, Aug 10 2021

       [+] Multiple uses has to be a good.   

       Aside: I wonder if there will ever be an ultimate, use for everything proto material, a quark biscuit so to speak.   

       occlupanid <> biscuit <> something else.
wjt, Aug 17 2021

       WIFRT, I thought it said "Connectible", which would also be good.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 19 2021

       [+]. I only recently saw bread tags for the first time in... decades I suppose. In the UK, they were a thing in my childhood, but were phased out for a less useful but lighter/cheaper bit of tape. They disappeared at the same time the 2l soda bottles that came with the glued on black plastic bottom. Recently, I changed store for bread* and the type I like comes with a tag. It's nice, but twisting it and tucking the end under works more or less the same.   

       *We're the USA, so let's wrap our bread in plastic, then, wrap it in plastic again. So now, you have to really get your dirty hand in there to negotiate the multiple obstacles and make sure you inoculate the bread with something nasty. Don't worry though, we put something in the bread so it lasts a disconcerting amount of time - which it needs, to because it's $5 for some odd reason.
bs0u0155, Aug 20 2021


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