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Cologne/Perfume Neutralizer

For that Scent that Smelled Great...Until You Tried it On
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Ever try on some cologne (or perfume, for the ladies) that smelled great, only to find it wasn't so hot? Or worse, did you find it actually STINKS?

You don't have to worry anymore. Try 'em all. If one lets you down, just spray on some of this neutralizer. Its non-toxic formula soaks up the fragrance, locking it up so you'll be bothered no more. Finally, you can feel free to try on more than one at a sitting, without smelling 10 scents on you at the same time!


With all due credit to my sister, who thought of it.

galukalock, Mar 12 2003


       soap and water.   

       scents react with individuals differently. just have to experiment, really.
po, Mar 12 2003

       Odor neutralizer is a common thing. Back in the late 70s I remember there was a bit of a scandal involving the company that manufactured sticky deodorizer disc things called "Stick-Ups". They had a line with various scents that was quite popular. Then they released a "Heavy Duty" version, which was industrial orange and designed for bad odor areas, like trash cans or pet boxes. It was very effective.   

       It was later revealed that the Heavy Duty version worked by releasing a chemical into the air that dulled the ability to smell. It didn't attack the odor at all, it just prevented one from being able to detect it. There was a lot of controversy at the time, but I'm not sure if the formula was changed. If not, I would suspect this is probably commonly done these days.
waugsqueke, Mar 12 2003

       The trouble with soap and water:   

       it's not always near;   

       sometimes the soap's scent makes it worse, and it almost never gets all the scent off.
galukalock, Mar 12 2003

       Well, this is more for when traditional methods (e.g. cut lemon) are not available or convenient.
galukalock, Mar 12 2003

       It's also superior to the odor neutralizer waugs mentions because you'd want to get rid of the perfume smell, but still be just as sensitive to other fragrances. And it would allow a woman to try multiple perfumes/colognes in the store without having a previously-applied scent interfere with the current sample.   

       My only concern would be whether this is actually possible, or just wishful thinking.
beauxeault, Mar 12 2003

       // The trouble with soap and water// there is always a river to dive into.
po, Mar 12 2003

       [m-f-d] WINBI until you describe how it works.
snarfyguy, Mar 12 2003

       Yeah, Ozium could work. Currently, it's only used for room freshening.
galukalock, Mar 12 2003

       Oh no, not that way did I mean it. But that's the premise it's sold under, I believe. And the most common use for it, if I'm not mistaken.
galukalock, Mar 12 2003

       Febreze in the UK works on fabrics, but I know from experience it can work on people at a pinch.
sambwiches, Mar 12 2003

       OK - good ideas but how do I sneak up to a person - squirt them with the neutralizer without them noticing?   

       I suppose I could be upfront and use it like Mace, but I think that you could get done for assault.   

       Maybe there should be a law against wearing more than two squirts of perfume/aftershave/CK One (especially nauseous). I mean a squirt is enough but marinading yourself.   

       Any ideas?
kael, Jul 09 2003

       I sit in a room at work with a woman who drowns herself in perfume every day and it makes me feel sick. It's awkward to say anything in case she takes offence... what can I do?
jig, Aug 19 2003

       Good idea for trying various fragrances in a store (+ from me) but many annotators seem to be keen on using the technology to de-stink other people's chosen fragarances. Are we in danger of creating an arms race here? The more you spray your foe with destinkalyser, the more they will think "hmmm, I can't smell my lovely scent, must spray some more on" etc.
dobtabulous, Aug 19 2003

       [jig]: Arrive to work with a clothes peg on your nose.
Cedar Park, Aug 19 2003

       Are those "Stick-Ups" still being manufactured? If so, I'm sure Mr. Heavy Duty would make a great companion to my collection of mister weed. You could also put one in your locker, so that when the MAN brings in drug sniffing dogs, they will just march straight by...   

       waugsqueke, do you know the name of the chemical? I see big buisness in the future!
music_man, Aug 19 2003


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