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Eau De Toilette Dust

An absorbant dust makes a social fragrance.
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Cover your clothes in this fashionable dust. Those that use bodily reflex to regulate will get these small particles lodged inside the open pores and boogers inside their upturned noses.

Combining their regulatory gag reflex with the insertion of the fragrance particle, will allow for progressive self-destruction through regulatory gagging as social communication.

It is produced using a large bowl and a tank of formulated eau de toilette. The fragrance is then flushed which passes through the dust clumps like diatomaceous earth. This infuses the clumps with the offending fragrance no matter how it smells once it is applied.

rcarty, Dec 09 2014


       So, talc plus pseudobabble?
pocmloc, Dec 09 2014

       Yes it's only a device. Rhetoric.   

       Whether I know the exact science/ trick will be revealed in true materiality not here, not in communication.
rcarty, Dec 09 2014


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