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Finderscents "companion species" oppportunity reminder

posters with prearranged scent trails
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Finderscents is the human finder that locates "companion" humans immediately. basically each bag of Finderscent is unique thus every bunch of locational posters is also a scent specific trail to where the seeking "companion" human lives

Among those species of creature that wander the town some may prefer to revisit the humans that give them food, with finderscents the human just scatters some finderscent near those mysterious "posters" they put up. When a creature smells the unique superscent they are reminded that the human will provide more food plus is locatable if the creature just keeps travelling on the superscent trail; The human must make the effort of providing a finderscented food bowl prior to this.

The locateable human may place these superscent areas at a mile then few blocks from where they live plus a higher density right near the house; the creature follows the trail to the human, if they feel like it.

Note: PETA is opposed to "companion animals" with numerous adequate reasons yet I sympathize with people that like critters, I like most of the wild creatures that visit where I camp plus I feed them

beanangel, May 07 2010


       The idea is to give someone a bottle of a unique scent which their pet learns to recognise, thereby enabling said pet to track said human.   

       This translation is brought to you free of charge by Buchantranslate Inc. as a service to the community.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 08 2010

       Wow. Thanks [MB] for the translation. Still... dogs have great senses of smell already, and I suspect they learn their owner's unique scent fairly easily as it is. I feel like this is baked already, my nature.
awesomest, May 10 2010


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