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Color-changing floor

Floor changes color when peed upon
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--I've lost track of how many times I've trudged out for my first cup of coffee, wearing socks or barefoot, only to discover the hard way that between me and my goal there's a big puddle of dog pee. So howzabout treating a floor with something that causes dramatic color change when wet? A spray-on ph-sensitive coating, so one could tell whether it's a puddle of melted ice cubes or the stinky stuff. That way one wouldn't need to know whether to let the socks dry or to toss 'em in the hamper, yes? --Plan B: ultraviolet night lights would cause pee to fluoresce; useful at night at least..
Steamboat, Aug 18 2004

For [wag] http://www.alsacorp...epaint_prodinfo.htm
[Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


       I could imagine this having an excellent application in public buildings to avoid slip and fall accidents. Remember, where there's blame, there's a claim. [+]
Fishrat, Aug 19 2004

       what [fishrat] said. +
jonthegeologist, Aug 19 2004

       As the proud owner of an old dog with increasingly poor bladder control I know exactly what you mean. Your idea sounds perfect for the job.   

       <anecdote>I was once woken by the 'phone, ran down to answer it, rubbing my eyes sleepily, and found myself standing, barefoot, in a big dog poo which had been left, handily, right next to the phone table. It was a job agency offering me work so I couldn't hang up, but I had to stand there for a good 10 mins with brown yuk between my toes, trying to sound professional, before I could hang up and clean up</anecdote>
dobtabulous, Aug 19 2004

       Perfect, it's perfect, I got four incontinent dogs and the problem isn't really to evade the wet spots but to look for the dry ones. Will phenolftaleine work?.
finflazo, Aug 19 2004

       Smack the friggin dogs when they pee a few times and if it keeps happening you know what to do.   

       But when I come home at three in the morning I want to write my name in the floor with my pee so plus.
daseva, Aug 19 2004

       Could we do a 'Global 'Hypercolour' floor that was heat sensitive? That way you would leave a fading trail of footprints when walking in bare feet.
wagster, Aug 19 2004

       Amazing. I pee-write but in the snow, never tried it in my living room. How does it feel?.
finflazo, Aug 19 2004

       [fin], there's only one way to find out...
Machiavelli, Aug 19 2004

       Do you dot the "i" ???
daseva, Aug 19 2004

       Only someone with legendary control over his bladder can dot the "i" mid-piss.
Machiavelli, Aug 19 2004

       I guess you could use the same stuff that supposedly makes pool water turn red when someone pees in it...does that exist or is it made up to keep people from peeing in pools?
Etymon, Aug 19 2004

       It exists etymon, but you can only find pooled deep within the stalagmites of the Terciopelo Cave after a hard rain. ONLY THEN!... will there be the red stuff, and even then, you must mix it with the blood of a three toed nopwanee before it gains its affects and even THEN, its still too toxic for the meanest of men...   

       but there's a way.   

       And you must sprinkle the shavings of a dead black birch into the fluid and leave it sit for two weeks in the moonlight at hide it from the sun at all costs otherwise it will not...   

daseva, Aug 19 2004

       Tough job for the pool attendant [spinster].
gnomethang, Aug 19 2004

       Try wall to wall newspaper.
energy guy, Aug 19 2004


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