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Dry Floor

keep feet dry in wet areas
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Flooring could be constructed with a rippled surface so that water collects below the surface that is actually walked on. This could be similar to massage sandals, with closely spaced 'fingers'.

This could be used in bathrooms, pools, kitchens, laundries etc.

The floor would slope towards a central drain as in most bathrooms and laundries so the water wouldn't stagnate.

xaviergisz, Jul 02 2004

massage sandals http://www.janetbon..._massage_sandal.htm
closely spaced rubber fingers keep your foot massaged and aerated [xaviergisz, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Wouldn't *any* ribbed non-slip tiling or matting make this redundant? True, the drainage is not 'built in' per se, but the idea is quite baked, IMO.
lcllam2, Jul 03 2004

       This is pretty baked just using rubber mats with holes in them, which I've seen.
5th Earth, Jul 04 2004

       OK, maybe I didn't emphasise the 'fingers' aspect enough... that's the invention... [BrauBeaton] and [5th Earth], this invention is different from those rubber mats for a few reasons, i) I was envisioning this to be a permanent floor feature preferably made of solid, durable material, ii) the fingers have only a small surface area that is horizontal where water can collect, ie water runs off the fingers readily.   

       Cleaning shouldn't be too difficult, with a combination of hosing (as suggested by fogfreak), cleaning agents (bleach, ammonia etc), brushing and vacuuming when dry (maybe a special vacuum attachment would be needed).   

       I guess the user would have to weigh-up the hassles of cleaning against the benefits of not stepping in puddles.   

       ..think about how much more pleasant pool change-rooms would be...
xaviergisz, Jul 04 2004


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