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Color Changing Credit Card

Homeland security style credit card that alerts you when overspending.
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This is a credit card that changes as you spend and approach your limit. Its based off of the Homeland Security Model.

Low - Green - Spent nothing or next to nothing.

Guarded - Blue - You're spending within your range.

Elevated - You are spending dangerously close to your monthly budget and are in danger of overspending.

High - Orange - You have spent past your budget and are very close to your limit.

Severe - You have spent past your limit, the credit card companies are going to deactivate your card and repo all your possessions.

This way you will know when you have spent too much and how soon you'll be living on the street completely broke.

ArtistRaj, Feb 19 2007


       Great idea!
zen_tom, Feb 19 2007

       What he said.   

       How's it work? (in a halfbaked way)
skinflaps, Feb 19 2007

       It could consist of liquid crystal which changed colour as it heated, with a connection to the bank which updates, probably by some kind of wireless networking. This would also mean it got hotter the more one spent. Maybe it could self-destruct by catching fire above a certain level of debt. However, although i really like the idea, there's just no way a bank will do anything that might result in someone paying lower charges unless there was something in it for them.
nineteenthly, Feb 19 2007

       How about a colour for when the card is identified as stolen? (This could be when an incorrect PIN is entered or as a download from a scanning machine)
Jinbish, Feb 19 2007

       (+) Honey, why is our cardmeleon pink again?   

       Muggers would know exactly how much you were good for.   

       "Oh, it's orange. Let him go."
nuclear hobo, Feb 19 2007

       I want one that camouflages itself in a chameleon like way so you can't even find it when it's run out of money.
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 19 2007

       cardmeleon! HA! that's one of the greatest things I've ever heard.   

we_dont_eat_them, Feb 20 2007

       //there's just no way a bank will do anything that might result in someone paying lower charges unless there was something in it for them.//   

       They could charge money for it. Or one could could start a petition or boycott.
apocalyps956, Feb 20 2007

       How about a Suffering Credit Card? One that would look increasingly battered and blood-smeared, imploring the zealous debtor for some restraint in a squealing voice.
placid_turmoil, Feb 20 2007


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