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Credit Card Signature Screen Eraser

To Remove the Scrawl of Unconventional Nature
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Okay, you're in the supermarket, charging your purchase. You swipe the card. You're prompted to sign. You start signing, and then Murphy's law catches you: you sneeze. Or get bumped. Whatever happened, your signature is now a mess.

Oh, well. Just hit the 'erase' button and sign again. You are now impervious to Murphy's law. Until you get outside...

Update: this has been Baked. I've seen this numerous times, and I suppose you have too. The question now is whether to delete the idea on grounds of fulfillment or keep it for bragging rights...

galukalock, May 06 2003


       I'd swear I've seen these occasionally, with a "start over" box. But, good idea.
Unless a cashier makes me do it over, I just "sign" and I'm done with it. It's only a very loose approximation of my ink-signed version, with added long straight lines and missing dots & curves. Try it again -- same thing.
Amos Kito, May 06 2003

       Instead of an 'erase' button, how about actually inverting the e-pen and erasing just the part you messed up on?
galukalock, May 07 2003

       Terrible idea! Who cares how your signature looks? In fact, I usually just scrawl an 'X' or something to save time. If you're swiping your card, the cashier isn't examining your sig. The last thing we need is a way to allow people to take longer checking out.
TheJeff, Jul 01 2004

       So do those machines actually use the signature as a form of authorization, or is it just to keep electronic backup for easier access if needbe?
yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 01 2004


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