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Colored Tipped Cigarette

There are already colored-flame candles, why not colored cigarettes?
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At http://www.china-page.com/company/xinli/welcome.html there says there exists colored flame candles. How about changing the color of the cigarette tip?
Amishman35, Feb 15 2001

Flame and bead tests [.pdf] http://gateway.libr...du/chx/crcflame.pdf
Which colors go with which metals. Looks like I got copper right. [Uncle Nutsy, Feb 15 2001]

What's in cigarettes http://www.quit.org.au/TAPPack/TAP02.html
Anti-smoking website that cites a U.S. Department of Health study finding 76 metals in tobacco, chiefly arsenic, cadmium and nickel. [Uncle Nutsy, Feb 15 2001]


       Changing the color of flames is easy- just add something to the fuel source. If I remember flame testing from my 11th grade Chemistry for Budding Pyromaniacs class correctly, copper burns blue or green depending upon what substance it's in, f'r'instance.   

       The problem with doing this for a cigarette is that you'd have to breathe the metal in question. Now, to some degree cigarette smokers already do this- tobacco is relatively rich in metals. But whether they would want more metals- or whether adding copper or rubidium or whatever would interfere with the rich, smooth taste smokers crave- is a broader problem.
Uncle Nutsy, Feb 15 2001


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