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Half a pack of cigarettes half a pack of crayons.

These are for artistic smokers or for children who smoke Or for people who smoke around children

Package opens into a tobacco advertisment that can be colored in

vfrackis, Aug 18 2017


       This sounds excellent in general. However, I'm not sure it's suitable for children because some crayons contain carcinogens.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 18 2017

       I like it. But why is it in other:general ?
normzone, Aug 18 2017

       Marvellous. Perhaps the crayons can contain attractive fruit flavours, along with pigments based on heavy metals like cadmium, mercury and lead.   

       Thus, as the proles puff their way towards an early grave (paying lots of tax in the process), their ghastly little simian progeny will be munching their way to cumulative brain damage, ensuring a ready supply of inarticulate, moth-breathing dolts with a spectacularly poor ability to identify propaganda.
8th of 7, Aug 18 2017

       You're out of touch, [8th]. The proles can no longer afford cigarettes, which are now the preserve of the wealthy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 18 2017

       That's so sad. How will the defecit ever be cleared if such an effective means of victimizing the poor, ignorant and badly-educated is abandoned ?   

       You'll be telling us it's illegal to sell children for transplant organs next, and as for that utter nonsense about letting women vote and own property ...
8th of 7, Aug 18 2017

       //defecit// That would be a shortage of shit, then?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 18 2017

       Indeed it is. Thankfully, not a problem that affects Her Majesty's Government - they can talk it as much as needed, if not more.
8th of 7, Aug 18 2017

       A crayon or two or three in a pack of cigarette would be really cool if you added one thing: A box you could color while you were smoking or a little coloring book.   

       I like the "coloring box" idea better.   

       Great way to get kids hooked while they're young.
doctorremulac3, Aug 20 2017

       You can have any colour you like, as long as it's nicotine yellow to match your fingers.
AusCan531, Aug 21 2017


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