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Combinatorial thing math

Thing standards to reduce overlap
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You probably know the typical lists, meant to simplify your life: "10 things you can do now if you want cold sore lips", "11 things you need for cold sore lips", "25 fast foods you can turn into batters and drinks"

Is that really 46 things? What is needed is ISO categorization of things, which can be applied to all thing math and lists, thereby reducing the total number of things you have to do, have, or know.

4and20, Mar 03 2017


       One Venn diagram to rule them all...
hippo, Mar 03 2017

       ^ They're on to me...   

       Is one of the things a list of clickbait items you should never click on?
RayfordSteele, Mar 03 2017

       [Ian Tindale] wrote //decategorise everything, differentiate everything//   

       I'm all for differentiating people, exploring them backside and front, but as Plato pointed out about ideal objects, how many different shoes before Immelda Marcos becomes a stereotype?   

       In keeping with the thorough differentiation of people [2 fries], we're onto you.
4and20, Mar 04 2017

       "Noun. thingy (plural thingies) A thing (used in a vague way to refer to something whose name one cannot recall)."   

       10 maybe 10 and half thingies you should already know about uhhmmm... love ?
popbottle, Mar 04 2017

       Earth, air, fire, water, stupidity. The five basic elements of all things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2017

       //decategorise everything, differentiate everything//   

       As a process, classification is pretty helpful a lot of the time - you just need to be aware of when and where you're applying it, and act accordingly.   

       It also depends on whether your classification scheme is taxonomic, polymorphic, or, if you're talking about the real world and not some abstraction, most likely a bit of both.   

       Few people I suppose make this distinction, and work in a black-and-white world of taxonomic classification where something of class x can only operate in stereotypically x-ish ways, compared to things of class y, and so on.   

       This path of mistaking convention for reality saves a great deal of time, allowing people to watch (and believe) a great deal more TV than would otherwise be humanly possible.
zen_tom, Mar 07 2017

       // One Venn diagram to rule them all... //   

8th of 7, Mar 07 2017


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