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While it may be the case that 'cracking' your joints isn't very good for them, everyone (except salachair, Bris and Ian) loves to do it. This idea is for a newly-invented 'ancient' martial art/ exercise regime/ yoga-esque meditative technique based entirely on cracking your joints.

Money would come from the books and videos explaining how to get satisfying clicks and crunches from every joint possible. Experienced practitioners will have coloured headbands to wear and be able to click every vertebrae in their backs individually.
hippo, Feb 10 2005

Halfbakery: Fnock Fnock_20-_20Finger_...g_20Accessory_20Toy
The artificial substitute? [jutta, Feb 11 2005]


       In ancient times, there lived a master who spent 60 years in solitude practicing the art. It is said that he could crack every joint in his body simultaneously, emitting a sound which could be heard across mountain ranges. Today his followers, in order to help fund their monastaries, perform around the world, entertaining millions of people annually. Synchronised cracking, rythmic cracking, combat cracking and crack-dancing are all part of their exciting performances.
Ganz Logisch, Feb 10 2005

       Welcome to Crackatoa, population, OW, quit that.   

       //everyone loves to do it//. Sorry, hippo, but I really, really, *re-ally* do not love to do it. In fact, I absolutely hate to do it. And when I hear other people do it, I want to boak. It is A Bad Thing To Do.   

salachair, Feb 10 2005

       Crack-dancing. Sounds like something to do with ultra-low rise or sagging pants.   

       <cracks fingers, toes, neck, back, knees, ankles and wrists, elbows. smirks at salachair.>
Machiavelli, Feb 10 2005

       What [salachair] says and with similar emphasis. I'd divorce a joint cracker (if I had somehow managed to miss the habit during the dating and engagement part).
bristolz, Feb 11 2005

       Add me too.
dbmag9, Jun 25 2006


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