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Comeback Generator

Context-sensitive conversation assistance.
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A pickup situated by one ear reads in what the other person just said. A tiny speaker by your other ear (or perhaps a HUD on your glasses) displays a handful of choice replies to what was said.

You can set it for "insult," "flirt," "entertain," or a variety of other needs. The computer has access to dossiers on people with whom you are likely to converse, locales you are likely to visit, and the like, so it can avoid suggesting phrases that might provoke a hostile response.

Could work as a translator, too. It would display what was just said, along with the phonetic pronuciation of your reply along with a translation of that.

Jan. 23: It needs an Undo function, too, which would supply the right phrase to extricate your foot from your mouth.

centauri, Aug 10 2000

Amelie http://us.imdb.com/Title?0211915
[flicken, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Script for Amelie (poorly translated) http://fets3.freetr...lie%2Fscript%2Ehtml
Search for "vegetable type" [flicken, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Because what society needs is to bring human interaction to the level of current computer games.
bookworm, May 26 2001

       Get down on your knees fool
mysterious, Jul 02 2003

       Your bablling is comparable to that of a retarded donkey...
wolfsblood, Jul 30 2003

       i prefer to talk to real people o_O   

       bbecause then it is not boring and repetetive
0_owaffleo_0, Jul 30 2003

       This reminds me of the movie, Amelie, where a "good street souffleur" slips shy Amelie a "biting retort" to defend the poor grocery boy who is being cruelly insulted by his employer.   

       GROCER: "[The grocery boy is a] Vegetable type!!"   

       AMELIE: "I do not think you are a vegetable, because even an artichoke has a heart."
flicken, Jul 30 2003

       How appropriate, you fight like a cow
Alanubis, Aug 07 2003

       (You fight like a dairy farmer)
Lechuck, Nov 05 2004

       What the heck are you weirdos talking about? You crazy!
EvilPickels, Nov 05 2004

       yo mama
FFlyers98, Aug 12 2005

       You should call this the Cyrano 2000...
dbsousa, Aug 12 2005

       "Clam the fack up you felching man-bap"?
pooduck, Aug 12 2005

       youd have to make them real expensive so only really desperate people bought them   

       cause if they were cheap everyone would buy a pair and conversations would consist of someone saying something, a short pause the other person saying something, a short pause, etc.
seventhinline, Aug 12 2005

       You are so slowyou are like the latest release of AutoCad running on a DOS box. oooooow.
geo8rge, Aug 13 2005


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