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Comments / Upvotes Meta Karma System

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Including the standard upvotes and karma system in reddit, digg, and slashdot, which determins herd popularity; there should also be a seperate system for discussing on the quality of the comment.

So far most meta comments and votes are merged into normal popularity contest of karma, where they are subjected to the same bias of groupthink at the time.

By having a meta comments system (like in stack overflow) and a seperate 'meta' voting system, a seperate meta-karma system can be performed. A post or a commenter with bad meta karma score will not have their 'comments' hidden, but it will be marked with a warning tag to be 'skeptical'.

This meta-karma system should not be used on a whim as another way to downvote people you don't like, voting up or down must be done with a meta comment on why it was done. Also an army of certified grammar, and meta- comment nazis will be there to ensure that the meta comments are to a certain quality standard.

mofosyne, Nov 05 2013


       sp. separate   

       ... but [+]
pertinax, Nov 08 2013


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