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Show all graffitied votes on a website

  [vote for,

Many votes has messages or drawings scrawled on it.

What we should do, is scan these votes and post it on the web. Any messages in these slips are auto transcribed for analysis.

The actual vote settings is censored for voter privacy reasons.

What this allows for, is datamining what people write on their ballots! And to see many ways people can draw inappropriate images on voting slips.

mofosyne, Nov 30 2014


       This goes right over my head. And not in a good way.
blissmiss, Nov 30 2014

       and 3d fascimiles of hanging chads
4and20, Nov 30 2014

       This would work with write-in ballots. After Mickey Mouse, //my penis// (I don't have one) is the next most popular write-in. The drawings may go along with your write-in choice.
xandram, Dec 01 2014

       At long last!   

       This idea may help build that groundswell of support I've been waiting for to catapult my favorite perennial write-in, Fatty Arbuckle!   

       Well Done, [mofo]! Have a bun [+]   

       <here's GROG belching loudly, which in times past has caused a slip of the pen to spell "Farty" on the ballot>
Grogster, Dec 02 2014


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