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survey voting

like "Customer Satifaction survey" used, so that companies can pretend to care about you.
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Unlike my last idea "feedback voting" which involves a dump of the written comments by voters into a website (which requires lots of resources. E.g. specialize machine) How about this?

While having normal vote ballots, you also have a optional paper voters satisfaction survey. (e.g. Tick out of 10 stars your satisfaction to each of these common issue. "How do you feel about the country's Health System")

The benefit is that, if a party loses, they can immediately work out which issue cost them votes, and better adjust their actions.

Future case study example: A party loses their power after an election, and then understand that while voters like the state of the country's transport network, they are super irate at the state of the health system.

Its also cheaper than my last idea! After all, its only a extra paper ballot!

mofosyne, Mar 27 2010


       How much would adding an extra ballot box cost? Does it have to be as strict as the real voting slip? or can we just use a 'scanner', like the one used in university feedback notices.
mofosyne, Apr 01 2010

       Suggested improvement: The politician responsible for the issue attracting the least number of positive votes is publicly executed in a painful and humiliating way.
8th of 7, Apr 01 2010

       //painful and humiliating// Bear in mind, we're talking about politicians. "Humilating" adds nothing to the deterrance value.
mouseposture, Apr 01 2010

       plus how do you work out which politician is actually responsible for a particular issue. Sometimes they don't have control.
mofosyne, Jul 11 2012


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