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Commercial watcherfooler

Help support your favorite websites and TV shows without the aggravation!
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WatcherfoolerWeb is a program which surfs the internet all by itself, and actively seeks out banner ads and popup windows, and clicks on them!

WatcherfoolerTV is a device which turns your TV on between 23 and 29, and 53 and 59 minutes past the hour (the times when commercials are most frequent), then turns the TV off again. It can also be left on full-time, in which case it actively seeks out commercials by changing the channel and analyzing decibel levels, and lack of a "brand" in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Both of these devices run all day, while you are safely out of the house.

Why would anyone want to purposely seek out commercials and click on banner ads? Because advertisers are paying for your favorite websites!

And when you don't watch TV commercials, and block pop-up ads, do you know what happens? Advertisers get more and more vicious. Escalating the war from banner ads, to pop-up ads, to those jiggling pop-up windows, to animated banner ads that don't even stop when you click the STOP button. Believe me, the dreaded "mouse-thrus" are just around the corner, and I kid you not.

On the other hand, clicking on all these ads, and viewing them on your TV's, will make the advertisers happy and make them think people are really listening. Together, we can stop the growth of annoying advertising tactics. Better late, than never.

An automatic web browser that runs from your computer *will* have to be shielded, of course. Otherwise you might end up with cookies and spyware on your computer that you don't really want.

Therefore, WatcherfoolerWeb will come with special software that partitions your hard disk and shields your vital information from advertisers.

phundug, Aug 23 2003

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie http://zapatopi.net/afdb.html
Don't let them control your mind! [DeathNinja, Oct 17 2004]


       //How do advertisers know your tv is on//   

       They're monitoring your house with satellites and nanotechnology robots. You need to wear your tin-foil hat or else they can control your mind! See link.
DeathNinja, Aug 23 2003

       See, I told you so! Actually, many cable television companies have the technology to tell what household is watching what when. Very accurate to find out your HUTs and PUTs, and accurate enough to sell commercial space.
(Houses Using Television)
(Persons Using Television)

       HUTs = of the households that have televisions, what percentage are watching your show.   

       PUTs = of the televisions that are on what percentage are watching your show.   

       PUTZ = That human who flipped his/her vehicle on the road by ignoring traffic safety laws now preventing you from doing any relaxing activity you want to do when you get home.
sartep, Aug 24 2003


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