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Death comes to all!


[Aug 25 2003, last modified Jul 17 2003]

(+5) Antichrist Doorbell
 Automatic Coffee+Donut Maker
(-1) Automatic Simpsons Quote Dictionary Watch
(+1) AutoSitar
 Bagel Segregator
(+2) Book-In-The-Face Alarm Clock
(+5) Braille Rubik's Cube
 Bus Stop Clowns
(-1) Celebrity Toilet Brushes
(+1) Circus Duty
(+2) Detect-A-Friend
(+1, -3) Disintegrating Pajamas
 Disintegrating Tomato Sauce Jar
(+5) Edible Chia Pet
(+1) Ejecto Golf Cup
 EM Red Light Impounder
 Fast Times Bagel Sani-Holder
(+3) Find Osama Cereal
(+1) Flying ATM Machine
(+3, -1) Fogicles
(+1) Food Roll-Ups
(+6) Geometric Donuts
 Gigantic Cereal
(+1) Heimlich Machine
 Ice Cube Polarizer
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Inverse Text Adventure Game
(+1) Kevlar Vampire Protection
(+1) KnifeGun
 Mad-Lib Newspapers
 Magnadoodle Desk
(+1) MIDI Basketball
(+1) MimeWars
(+1) New Paper Smell Spray
(+3) Origami Burritos
(+3) Pee-Bay
(+2, -1) Powdered Marshmallow
 Predator Government
(-2) Radioactive Pepper Spray
(+2) RoadNotKill
(+1) Roll-On Diaper Rash Cream
(+10)(+10) Scissors You Can Run With
(+1) Scrabble Pizza
(+1) SinkEater Buddy
 Sniglet Pictionary
 Sonic-Adaptive Earplugs
(+7) Tectonic Cubicles
 The Road Runner Games
 Toll Booth Auction
(+2, -1) Touch Sensitive EM Doorknobs
(+4, -1) Underground City Weather Protection
(+1) Underwaterskiing
 Universal External USB Drive Box
 Water and Heat Resistant Marshmallows
(+2) Weeble Cups

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