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Common-Law Divorce

7 years of separation
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It seems to me that if 50% of all marriages end in divorce, then some of them are probably so-called "common law" marriages, in which people who merely live together for 7 years are considered by the neighbors to be the same as married. Well, if they didn't formally marry, then how can they informally become single again? Logically, 7 years of separation ought to do it...which makes you wonder whether or not formal marriage is better, because formal divorce can be lots faster.
Vernon, Dec 25 2015


       Ah, I have it --the couple should get formally married, and THEN quickly get formally divorced. Heh!
Vernon, Dec 25 2015

       Vegas will soon be offering a 48 hour drive in marriage/pause/divorce for the price of a single Elvis wedding.
popbottle, Dec 25 2015

       I totally needed this. GF was trying to get divorced by someone who vanished, but then responded to the notice of divorce, then didn't show up, throwing the process into disarray.
wildgift, Jan 04 2016


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