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Get paid as the day wears on
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I know if you read my ideas you may start to think I'm a new-age Wobbly but I assure you it's just a phase I'm going through.

The Comp-o-meter solves the problem of working in a company with shaky finances -- how does one know that a valid paycheck will come for the work being done at the moment? The Comp-o-meter sits at the entrance of the employee's cubicle and is programmed with the inhabitant's hourly compensation rate. Every morning, the boss comes by and deposits enough money to cover the assigned duties for the day -- or morning, or hour.

If the paid-for time elapses without more money being deposited, a flag goes up and the employee ceases labor. Different versions would be needed for certain lines of work -- professional soccer players and sex industry workers would need a wearable version of some sort, for instance.

daruma, Oct 19 2001

Financial pain grips Hamtramck http://detnews.com/...2/28/c01-193692.htm
City's payless paydays raise gloomy prospects for its employees [cypherpunks, Oct 19 2001]


       (Imagines a room full of cubicles with little 'For Hire' lights at the top of each one)   

       Hehehehehe. Add the annoying little 'beep-beep-beep' sound the gas pump makes when you've reached your pre-paid amount and you've got my croissant.   

       Aw, hell, I'll give it to you anyway. Mind you, in some ways, this idea would probably benefit the employer more than the employee.
phoenix, Oct 20 2001

       Don't prostitutes get paid by the act (not the hour?). Anyway, the point is that you *don't* wait until the end of the day to get paid.
phoenix, Oct 20 2001

       This seems apropos for employers whose credit or cash flow is not good, which doesn't describe very many I have worked for. My problems are more with wobbly-type issues like hierarchy, the wage system, the state etc.   

       This might be what the Hamtramck Police Department needs.
cypherpunks, Oct 20 2001

       Child of the Motor City [cypherpunks]?
phoenix, Oct 20 2001

       <giggles at the idea of prostitutes being paid by the mile, six inches at a time...>
StarChaser, Oct 20 2001

       I'd like to volunteer to be the very first Corporate Comp-O-Meter Maid. I'd get to ride down corridors in one of those tiny little cars, citing the guy in the corner office for any meters that have expired. I'd then scoot around, cubicle to cubicle, bestowing the boss man's payouts on all his deserving employees.   

1percent, Oct 21 2001

       Hamtramck has a police department? Oh wait, I did faintly smell donuts when I drove through there...
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2002


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