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Cheap Executive Toys

More useless knobs on furniture please.
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Wouldn’t it be nice to fit together
Furniture with extra useless bits
And wouldn’t it be nice if they had purpose
Rather than just getting on our tits

You know you’re gonna play with all the loose stuff
Bits that just don’t fit or aren’t tight enough

Wouldn’t it be nice when days are boring
If you could occupy your self
By playing with the handy-dandy loose bits
You added to your brand new, flat-pack shelf.

Happy times undoing the loose endings
Watching bent bits gradually unbending
Wouldn’t it be nice?

ps: If someone can suggest a better category for this then please feel free.
DrBob, Sep 02 2003

Activity Center Keyboard http://www.halfbake...20Center_20Keyboard
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       I have cheap things with which to play:
My PCs, parts and systems.
I wouldn't want to go a day
With out fiddlin' with 'em.

       But when it comes to executives
and you're worried they'll get bored,
maybe try [xrayTed]'s
"Activity Center Keyboard".
phoenix, Sep 02 2003

       When the workday’s gray,
And it’s such a bore to work some more,
With knobs I would play,
And doors, drawers and pedals on the floor.
FarmerJohn, Sep 02 2003

       Well east coast Ash is hip
I really dig that style of chair
And the southern pine furniture is fine
They make a great wardrobe down there.

       I wish my desk could be curly Maple
I wish my desk could be curly Maple
I wish my desk could be curly Maple burl.
beauxeault, Sep 02 2003

       My desk's legs are made of alder
My rocking chair too is made of wood
Neither one does falter
And they look very good

My desktop is curly Maple
My desktop is curly Maple
My desktop is curly Maple burl
thumbwax, Sep 02 2003

       Alas Alak!
Now we know what to get
Our mean old Bossman for Christmas
Let him micromanage the desk
Instead of being a pest
To all of us who have
more urgent business.
Zimmy, Sep 06 2003


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