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Ballerina Sharpener

grind pencils and pirouette over them
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Ordinary sharpeners are rather dull, but Ballerina Sharpener has a little figure who does a motorised pirouette on top of your pencil.

The apparatus is vertically orientated, meaning that the pencil must be inserted via an elongated slot, with the point facing upwards. When a handle is cranked, the pencil is locked in place and multiplying gears rotate the ballerina figure at high speed, causing it to execute a perfect pirouette on the upward surface of the device, whilst the hidden blades connected underneath deliver the sharpening action.

Comes with a variety of appropriate music in the form of a music box style additional feature.

xenzag, Jul 14 2015


       //the pencil must be inserted via an elongated slot, with the point facing upwards//   

       Am I the only one getting entirely the wrong image here?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2015

       If the ballet dancer is male, then it's more likely to be piercing than cracking - neither is a pleasant option,
8th of 7, Jul 14 2015

       I'm getting multiple images. And sound(s).
cudgel, Jul 14 2015


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