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API to recognise cothes washing care instructions
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How about... an API which works for google glasses and google goggles whereby it recognises that the user is viewing the washing machine care icons on a garment. Then it describes their meaning in text (optionally audio). Thus the user can be sure about the meanings and perhaps learn them over time. This could also be done for a phone app. A more extreme version is whereby the washing machine has a camera on it and also has the ability to perform these actions.
jasonruane, Mar 29 2013

a simpler solution http://www.thecards...to-your-mother.html
[Spacecoyote, Feb 20 2014]


       Hi - Welcome to the hb.
What are google googles?
xandram, Mar 29 2013

       Maybe we should put up a sign: "Welcome to the HB - please check your spelling."   

       As to the idea, well, yes, why not?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2013

       As I was readfing the idea I was getting more and more agitated: why not just get the washing machine to read the bloody labels? [+] for the welcome release of stress at the end!
pocmloc, Mar 29 2013

       Who pays attention to washing instructions?
DIYMatt, Mar 29 2013

       Washing instructions could be incorporated into a bar code on the label, or an rfid tag in the clothing. Washing machines could be built with the appropriate sensors.
whlanteigne, Apr 05 2013

       cloth is generally woven, so why not use a small bit, weave the code in there?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 06 2013

       If you were going to that much trouble you could make less high maintenance cloth.
DIYMatt, Apr 07 2013

       // Then it describes their meaning in text (optionally audio)   

       I'm presuming there's a reliable off-switch, don't want to be walking down the road to an endless stream of "40 degrees, colour fast"..
not_morrison_rm, Apr 07 2013

       //"Welcome to the HB - please check your spelling."//   

       “…at the door.”
ytk, Apr 07 2013

       Apologies for misspelling before, the phrase should have been 'google goggles'. Updated now.
jasonruane, Feb 20 2014


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