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Compass glasses

Look where you're going
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A pair of glasses frames that project an automatically panning projected compass graticule at the top of the wearer's field of vision. Brightness auto-modulated depending on ambient illumination.

Cheap version indicates magnetic bearing using a Hall-effect sensor array; De Luxe version uses GPS to display either grid North or magnetic North corrected for local deviation.

That is all.

8th of 7, Dec 04 2019


       So the fancy version has GPS solely to correct for magnetic deviation, and refuses to tell you where you are or point out the direction to a chosen destination, even though it easily could?
notexactly, Dec 04 2019

       Not only that; it has an infuriating habit of saying "You should have turned right back there".
8th of 7, Dec 04 2019

       It could wait until you arrived at your destination before saying "You could have got here 15 minutes ago if you had chosen a different route" and then smugly shut itself off.
pocmloc, Dec 04 2019

       If you're lucky, it doesn't speak to you again for four hours.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2019

       It can shirley only be a matter of time before all GPS navigation apps are tailored by corporate interests. When crossing a city, for instance, it would be a trivial matter to ensure that your route took you past the maximum possible number of Burger King outlets.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 04 2019

       [Max] Route choice will be driven by your browsing cookies. So if, to take a purely hypothetical example, your browsing history includes visits to expensive, fancy lingerie websites, your directions across town will preferentially choose routes which pass by expensive, fancy lingerie shops.
hippo, Dec 04 2019

       //all GPS navigation apps are tailored by corporate interests//
And there-in lies the problem. I was thinking about it this morning (more specifically, Google search results being "re- ordered" due to meddling) - if everything is "monetised", everything (eventually) is controlled by the biggest player. If I WANT to go to Burger King (I don't, ever...) I'll go. But if I don't and "they" assume I do and try to influence me (openly or sub-consciously), "they" can kindly fuck off.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 04 2019

       <AI scans anno, [neut]'s satnav surreptitiously reprogrammes itself to route via red-light district/>
8th of 7, Dec 04 2019

       Excellent! I've been wondering where all the red lights went!
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 04 2019

       I've got to admit I assumed the borg all came with a HUD as standard.
Loris, Dec 05 2019

       Sp. "Borg".   

       <Scratches [Loris]'s name off Xmas card list>   

       Yes, we have much better things than the described idea; we are offering you puny humans the chance to see what you're missing out on.
8th of 7, Dec 05 2019

       HUDs are so primitive, though, and they clutter your visual feed. Much better to have inputs wired for direct awareness and just bypass sensory inputs. I did advise the Borg against relying on Amstrad for their tech.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2019

       Yes, but your advice was to purchase all our technology needs from a single reliable supplier, which turned out (to no-one's surprise) to be MaxCo ...
8th of 7, Dec 05 2019

       And if you'd stuck to that advice, you wouldn't have neck-ache from that head-mounted CRT.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2019

       You two are a laugh..... always squabbling over boxes of coloured wires. Eat more Brussel sprouts and you'll have an epiphany.
xenzag, Dec 05 2019

       I always knew I was right to avoid brussels sprouts.
pocmloc, Dec 05 2019

       What happens to the GPS version when the user isn't outside? Once I become accustomed to navigation derrived from the cardinal points and I lose GPS signal, how will I find my way to the nearest facilities? It's no use saying the GPS will have magnetic back up because there's an MRI scanner on the way. Worryingly, I routinely have to remind people of extensive education that no, they don't turn the magnet off at the end of the day.
bs0u0155, Dec 05 2019

       // What happens to the GPS version when the user isn't outside? //   

       The unit locates itself based on 802.11 access points, and signals from nearby cellphone handsets.   

       // You two are a laugh..... always squabbling over boxes of coloured wires. //   

       <Points at [MB] />   

       <Petulant voice>   

       "He started it !"   

       <Petulant voice/>   

       // Eat more Brussel sprouts and you'll have an epiphany. //   

       No thanks. Having to use one of those bags to collect bowel contents sounds highly undesirable.
8th of 7, Dec 05 2019

       //epiphany// gesundheit!
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2019


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