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See through someone elses eye glasses

A pair of glasses that lets you see through someone elses eyes.
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Two pair of glasses with wireless video cams. Lens are screens that shows only what the other person with the matching pair of glasses is seeing. For a really weird walk in the park with your girl/boy friend.
Imathinker, Jul 19 2004


       I spy, with your little eye.   

       Interesting. Reminds me of those perception experiments where some grad student would spend a month wearing glasses with prisms that reversed or inverted the image. With your glasses, maybe the partners would gradually develop a symbiotic strategy. Also use for mind-reading tricks.
bpilot, Jul 20 2004

       Spoke to a guy who was implementing this at a software developers xmas party. He was working for a London gadget company called 'Spy Shop'. They were combining HUD technology into sunglasses. The image was projected onto the inside of the glasses up a fibre-optic link from a mini projector in the pocket. On the other side a fibre link took the view from a lens down into a pocket camera/transmitter. A lapel mic and earpiece provided the same facility for audio. The idea was to provide these kits to security personnel at high profile events so that they could all communicate and monitor each others situation if anything suspicious turned up. The audio side was a standard walkie-talkie type comms system, but on the video side a discreet hand-held control allowed you to select whose camera you were watching. This guy (I don't remember his name - had a few cocktails by then) was coding the software that pulled all the hardware together. I was well impressed with him and his project, but unfortunately found him unconscious on the toilet floor a few hours later. Not so impressive. Anyway, haven't heard anything more about it, so I guess there were difficulties in bringing it to market, probably due to the complexity of the hardware or operational difficulties with the software engineer. Baked but not made.
wagster, Jul 21 2004

       Software developers go to parties ? Or maybe not....that could explain the toilet floor casualty.
normzone, Jul 21 2004

       Oddly, you aren’t seeing what the other person is seeing, because they’re seeing what you’re not seeing. (And that's why I'm voting for this.)
ldischler, Jul 21 2004

       That means you'll have to kill me next. I'm logging off now to disappear.
wagster, Jul 21 2004


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