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Look to the sky!

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Walking along a nature trail I heard a rustling high up in the forest canopy. A few second later, stzzing, my ear was on fire, and something ricocheted off my shoulder. A large twig had zapped me. It bounced at my feet. I looked at it, and at all that other stuff on the ground, really appreciating the danger for the first time. Tons of twigs and small branches. It all had to fall sometime, and some of it was just waiting for me to pass.

So I began looking up as I walked. I saw the broken limbs hanging far above, I saw those far too intelligent squirrels, preparing their tiny bombs…and I found myself with my nose in the dirt, having tripped over a root.

So I created Sky-glasses. These have small tinted mirrors fixed to the lenses to give you a view straight up, all the time. So you won't trip over roots, like me, and so you will clearly see the missile that finally gets you.
pluterday, Jun 15 2003

(??) a hat for pluter http://www.ideas-fo...an%20with%20hat.jpg
[k_sra, Oct 17 2004]

The Futurama solution http://www.gotfutur.../Grabs/pic00093.jpg
Which is sort of bass-ackwards. [phoenix, Oct 17 2004]

(?) big ass hat http://www.colorado...ics/Utah2000_1b.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       Umbrella-man to the rescue!
silverstormer, Jun 15 2003

       I believe Usama has a pair.
FloridaManatee, Jun 15 2003

       If a twig fell in the woods, and you didn't have your Sky-glasses, would it have been invisible?
FarmerJohn, Jun 15 2003

       A must for giraffe handlers.   

       I think the underlying message here is that pluter should stay out of the woods. Or stop wearing that hat with the bullseye on the top.
If you really enjoy walks in natural surroundings then you must learn to deal with the hazards, although I think Sky-glasses could find a market niche. They will sell well to the highly paranoid, and to very short perverts who will buy them to linger around extremely tall women.
Alas, I cannot dole out any pastry for this, but neither will I fishbone it. I am neutral, like the Swiss (but I have fewer holes).
Canuck, Jun 15 2003

       It seems to me, [pluterday], that you need a large, pointy hat to keep the squirrels at bay. see link.
k_sra, Jun 15 2003

       //Look to the sky//   

       For me, it's more like, "Watch where you're going, will ya?" I can not walk over trails or gravel roads with my head up. I desperately need a pair of [pluterday]'s sky glasses to keep an eye on where I should be going.   

       Have my smiley face croissant [pluterday] :+)
Tiger Lily, Jun 15 2003

       "Hats off to pluterday! ......Ouch! Ow! Argh!"
FarmerJohn, Jun 15 2003

       Might be handy for construction/building sites too.
silverstormer, Jun 15 2003

       Sort of like eyes in the back of your head? Rock Hudson could have used these.
Zanzibar, Jun 15 2003

       //Umbrella-man to the rescue!//   

       Well, if you insist...
Shz, Jun 16 2003


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