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Competitive Hardboiled Egg Peeling

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Hardboiled eggs are like a game of skill and a snack all in one. You always try for that perfect peel, never quite knowing if the next chip off the shell will ruin your streak.

So I was peeling an egg yesterday, and at that instant, I saw on the news a 90 lb. woman who had won the world eating championships, scarfing down a couple dozen bratwurst in ten minutes or so. The idea of a peeling competition then came upon me.

The objective would be to peel an egg in the shortest amount of time while still keeping the mantle intact. The fastest overall time would win, but imperfections in the egg white would result in time penalties. Obviously some eggs prove easier to peel than others, but in the long run, the better peeler will emerge with the better record.

Cuit_au_Four, Aug 10 2005

Cheating http://www.rkdm.com/eggstractor/
[Shz, Aug 10 2005]


       Mmm, world eating. Me like gas giants.   

       Let the contestants use any of the various tricks that are supposed to make an egg easier to peel, and tell me if one actually works.
baconbrain, Aug 10 2005

       If the egg has been stored correctly and the boiling and cooling procedure is timed just so, it is possible to take the googly in one hand, gently roll it across a firm surface under the palm of that hand thus crushing the shell over its entire surface and then in a single motion lift and squeeze a deshelled egg into the other hand. The entire operation can be less than a second.
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 10 2005

       //Mmm, world eating. Me like gas giants// I think if I scoffed half a dozen boiled eggs or bratwurst, I'd definitely become a gas giant.
coprocephalous, Aug 10 2005

       I am pretty sure that two of my sisters have been baking this idea since they were both old enough to cook. :) But I like the idea of making something like that a world compitition, if only to see the people that will practise and such to win.
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005

       ConsulFlaminicus has the right idea, but that's a tough trick to pull off consistantly. I'd suggest various random sized eggs. Ostrich eggs would require tools to crack open because of the shell's thickness, and quail eggs could be easily crushed if not peeled carefully enough.
jaksplat, Aug 11 2005

       Out on the boards, the ‘ol peeler stands   

       With a bum nut in his thin bony hands....
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 11 2005


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