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easy-break eggs

crack n fry
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Bring an end to cracking eggs open on the side of the pan, only to end up with several tiny slivers of shell fall in with the contents of the egg.

New Easy-Break Eggs will automatically detect when they are hovering over a hot pan, and will neatly open themselves up and throw yolk, white, or both, depending on your pre-assigned preferences, right where you want them.

Alternatively, an egg that cooks itself might be handy for camping trips.

gilest, Aug 15 2000


       Making cheap things that "automatically detect when they are hovering over a hot pan" sounds tricky.   

       A simpler technique might be to pre-score the shell along its equator, so that it always breaks cleanly in two.
egnor, Aug 15 2000

       Or you could always get those eggs in a carton... no messy shells to deal with.
ember, Aug 15 2000

       Last I checked, the manufacturing process for eggs was somewhat difficult to change... especially if you want the occasional viable one so that you have more chickens who can produce these specialized eggs.
bookworm, Aug 15 2000

       Edible eggshells! Now that's an idea. They could come in "toast", "nacho" and "potato".
jutta, Aug 17 2000

       "Fruedian Fowl": geneiticly altered chickens, with a ring of teeth surrounding the reproductive apperatus, programmed to contract halfway through the egg laying process, neatly perforating the egg. Alternitively, the egshell could be made edible, I suppose. I'm emailing this to Monsanto immeadiatly - isn't the Twentyfirst Century great!
Scott_D, Aug 17 2000

       My sympathy goes out to the cockerels.
Lemon, Aug 17 2000

       You bastard. You made me laugh so much I nearly had the baby!
Alcin, Aug 30 2000

       I think I've had enough of opening a carton of eggs and finding a slimy mess and pieces of egg shell.
cIEL, Dec 06 2000

       An egg with a screw-off top would fit the bill nicely. Barring that, I think the scored shell idea is a good one.
PotatoStew, Dec 06 2000

       I dunno if I've ever seen such a collection of wimps, complaining about how hard it is to open an egg...the biggest problem with them is how to keep them from opening prematurely...
StarChaser, Dec 08 2000

       You could program the chicken DNA to have an egg with a rubbery shell; it would open when pinched harshly.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       Nice idea and all. But for god sakes it an EGG!!! I don't think you need to geneticly engineer and animal's DNA to make a better egg. Here's what you do; whenever you go into a truck stop place that sells food bring in a few eggs. The usually have a microwave you can use to heat up your food. It is usually old worn out. Put a few eggs in the microwave, very stealthy. Set it on low and walk out. The egg will begin to boil inside its shell and eventually explode!!! Great for those places where they give you horible service all the time! DEpending on the microwave it will either rip the door off with the explosion or it wil contain the blast. But it will always make a mess. hehehe -TheLambs
thelambs, Aug 23 2003

       Just add DDT to mama's diet. Thermal shock in proximity to the skillet should take care of the rest.
n-pearson, Aug 23 2003

       hey, Scott D--wouldn't Fruedian Fowl have something to do with them secretly wanting to have sex with everything in sight?   

       Hey, it's Frued.
Eugene, Aug 24 2003


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